Girls In Hijab Are Sweet


Girls In Hijab Are SweetGirls In Hijab Are Sweet

So I have been having troubles getting her in bed with me, she covers her self that one can hardly see her boobs when she bends down, I been telling her I got no bad intentions, that all I want is friendship but she turned that Down too.

This evening when she returned from work, (she’s learning tailoring) I met her at the gate entrance while I was on my way out to buy some airtime, she paused for a moment, stared at me right In the eyes and greeted me, i smiled and asked if she bought me anything to which she replied with a “YES” then she said I should come to her place when I return to collect it… (I took this as an opportunity) so I hurriedly went to buy the airtime and returned.

When I got to her place, I knocked as a gentle guy and she said “one minute” (I knew she was undressing at the moment) I instantly got a HARD-ON at hearing this. She came and opened the door and OMG! i saw her light skin boobs for the first time, her nipples were so thick and poking outta the singlet she wore… Damn! I could hardly wait to get inside cause I had the bad intention of seducing her.. (mind made up)

I went in and sat down, admired the paintings on the wall while I was sitted, she asked to get me something since its the first time I am visiting but I refused anything (if only she knew all I wanted was her hot jaw dropping body body kiss) then as she was trying to operate her TV, I stood up and moved close to her, stood next to her but pretended to be looking at a picture, I called her attention and she turned with her boobs hitting my chest really hard, my hard-on was now painful and I could hardly breath…

I told her she looks sexy and beautiful, told her I havent seen her in such cloths before, she tried to say I should stop but I was very close while saying these things, she felt my breath coming really hard, I let my erected Dick to hit her thigh and she looked down, I felt her body shaking as well, I looked her in the eyes and kissed her, she withdrew but I knew she wanted it badly, I held her by the sides of the head and kissed her the French way and she liked it, u needed to see her breathing at this moment.. (damn! I now got a Bleep mate in my compound cool)

I drew her even closer and I moved my hand to her back to feel her butt and guys I love this booty, (long bogos skirts has been covering it since I knew her) I held her tight to my self, felt her boobs massage my chest, u needed to see me sweating, I found the fan switch and moved her towards it while kissing her passionately, then I put the fan on speed 5.

She reached down for my Dick and layer me on her bed which was brand new.. (I guess I’ll be the first to furk her on that bed) she undid my zip, undid the button on my boxer and asked me to relax as she held out my Dick with a (WoooooooooooooW) I love ur Dick James, I just chuckled and before I said something else she buried my Dick half way in her mouth, “what a feeling” she concentrated on the tip and licked the sided for close to 10 minutes and I told her am about to nut and she asked me to get up, I stood up with my hands behind my back while she was on her knees, speedily she continued sucking me, i can’t believe she actually wanted me to cum in her mouth.. .. I nutted right inside and it felt so awesome and different from Approaching in a Kitty-Cat… Ooh my goodness.

She licked me up and thought we were done, then I called her Ruka (not her real name) I can hardly wait to get inside of u, just this once and I am done, I gently undressed her while she was stroking my Dick for me, i kissed her color bone, licked her earlobes while taking off her singlet, she stretched Down, rubbing on my balls, the feeling is simply awesome guys… I undid her bra slowly and I was amazed at Wat I saw, her boobs were so beautiful, the perfect Tip any nigga would ever dream of sucking, I told her she got a nice sweet boobs while I reached down licking in between her boobs while mashing them together on my face with both hands, I rubbed my thumb finger loosely on the tip of her Tip, she was moaning with her hands all over my body, I dipped my hand inside her panty with her skirt ON, SHE GOT WAT I CALL THE BOMB PUSSY Kitty-Cat, Kitty-Cat that got HUGE Camel toes, that’s the name I call it …just can’t type it all

. I am just too happy I bleeped this lady and she is always home on Sundays, she told me to come around tomorrow in a shy way, claiming there is something I will do for her wen I come…. I understand the language already


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